Excavations & Demolitions

Excavations & Demolitions

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Excavations & Demolitions

Available on vinyl and digital download from 18th April 2016, this industrial / drone LP recorded live in a concrete factory is already receiving critical acclaim.

"The heavy striking of metal. Or is it the tolling of a bell? The opening of “Demolitions Excavations” is a compelling invitation to enter what we might think is a hostile, cold world: a concrete factory. Alex Bonney’s live performance at the Beton Eisack factory in the South Tyrol...As in all the best playgrounds this is a thrilling carousel of discovery." BBC 3 Late Junction

About the artist

Alex Bonney is a trumpeter, electronic musician and recording/mix engineer and producer based in London. He was born in Reading in 1978 and grew up in the flight path of Concorde, instilling a deep attachment to subsonic frequencies.

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