Who we are

Two Rivers Records is a fresh, new label based in London and Berlin, committed to releasing experimental, contemporary and improvised music from across Europe.


A key aim is to present debut albums from rising stars and undiscovered artists who deserve an audience. We are drawn to courageous thinkers and practitioners who transcend genre and deliver a sound that is utterly their own and totally authentic. Improvisation and spontaneous creation lie at the heart of our identity – but we love melodies, harmonies, grooves, total freedom and everything in between. If it moves us, we’re on it.


In 2016, we are releasing over a dozen full-length albums on vinyl, limited edition CD, HD digital and digital with support from our distributors Harmonia Mundi and Outpost Distribution. These albums will cover territory as diverse as spoken word, alternative folk, new classical, contemporary jazz, free improvisation, film music, world fusion and industrial experimental sounds.


Life is short. Art is for real. The rivers flow forever.

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